Sunday, 2 March 2008

Below par

This is an odd expression, when used in the sentence "I'm feeling a bit below par", as in, I'm not feeling that great, or I'm feeling a bit unwell. Because if you think about where the term 'below par', comes from, it's mainly used as a golfing expression. And if someone is 'below par' in golf, then they are playing a blinder and doing really well.

This morning Matilda woke feeling nauseous, so she stayed home from church with Fifi looking after her. I went to church with Ruby and Lily Violet, and then we went on to morning tea for newcomers, and I met some nice people. It was very good, and we'd heard a good sermon on love from our minister as well.

But then we got home and Matilda was still sick, and started throwing up. And just quietly, I'm now feeling a bit above par myself.


T said...

Hope you are feelng 'on par' soon!!
Praying Matilda starts getting better soon!!
Thanks for the sermon tonight!!

peter kirsop said...

the expression below par doesn't come from golf but from other senses of par - e g the stock markect where stocks are issued at par and to be below par means you have lost on the transaction or par as in average and again to be below par means you are below where you normally are