Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Let's lose the cars from the CBD

Should have happened years ago. Glad to see the push continuing.

The arguments are aesthetic, environmental, safety related, economic... [the dreaded ellipsis!]

Speaking of aesthetics, quite a good question in the SMH today

I want to know why I am obliged to have wheelie bins with lids in colours which my local council forbids me to use on my house.

Bob Liddelow, Avalon


adam said...

Are you having trouble getting letters in the SMH? I've been trying for months with no success.

Maybe the new editors don't like me:(

Gordon Cheng said...

Hey Adam

Yeah been really struggling. Wrote about 20 letters, got nothing.

I console myself with the thought that when I see a good letter on a subject I wrote about, my writing would've helped get that letter up (knowing how the editors choose letters).

marion said...

Gordon this is OT I know but I just watched

Very similar to his podcast sermons.

adam said...

Also, did you miss the Good Friday editorial?