Saturday, 2 November 2013

Stupid things, in order of occurrence

1. Parked car in Norton St Leichardt, in a hurry but not stupidly.
2. Oh except in too much of a hurry to put money in the parking meter.
3. Disappeared for three hours.
4. Came back to discover car gone. Walked a long way, thinking 'maybe I just forgot where I parked it'. It happens.
5. Walked back [not stupid, nor are the next five steps].
6. Doorknocked and spoke to shop owners about whether they had noticed anything, eg a car being towed away for being parked but not paying for parking.
7. Phoned police to report a stolen car.
8. Walked around corner to see if car had been towed, as suggested by police person over the phone.
9. Phoned police to confirm that car had indeed been stolen.
10. Walked disconsolately back towards Parramatta Rd.
11. Discovered car.
12. &c.

UPDATE TO ADD: Yes it had been there all along. Just 2 blocks before where I thought it was.