Sunday, 27 May 2012

Wiggly kid's talk: God never changes

My kid's talk for church this morning...

Hi kids and hi everyone. Welcome to Gordon’s culture watch. Culture watch is where we watch a video and I give you a verse from the Bible to think about.

Hands up please if you’ve heard of the Wiggles? Keep your hands up if you like the wiggles!

Wow lots of people like the Wiggles. Who’s been to a Wiggles concert? What was it like? Do you have a favourite song?

I’ve got a clip here from my favourite song, and as you watch it you can sing along

VIDEO Hot potato!

(Hot potato. Cold Spaghetti. Mashed banana. Hot potato)

Great song! and you could also see that the Wiggles look a lot younger then than they do now. I’ve got some photos here of how the Wiggles have changed. Most of you kids would know that Greg Wiggle got a bit sick for a while, so Sam joined up

PHOTO. Wiggles with SAM.

Then Sam finished up just back in January! So here’s a photo of the Wiggles with Greg Wiggle back!

PHOTO Old Wiggles. They look a bit older though don’t they! Did you know that Jeff Wiggle is nearly 60 years old? Wow.

So just in the last two weeks three of the Wiggles have said they’re retiring!

Anyway the Wiggles aren’t finishing up completely because there are some new young wiggles, here’s a photo of them:

PHOTO Young wiggles.

And one of the best things is now there is a girl wiggle, and her name is Emma, and I think that is great especially because she comes from close to here, and she was Miss Granny Smith for 2009

PHOTO Emma Watkins Granny Smith.

Now I want to say that sometimes change is good, and sometimes it’s not so good. I used to say to my daughters when they were babies, my job for you is to stay the same forever. But they didn’t! And now my 13 year old daughter is a bit sad that the Wiggles have changed, she says they were the One Direction of her childhood. (You know that One Direction is the world’s greatest boy band, don’t you).

Well I just want to finish with a verse from the Bible where the Lord Jesus talks about change, and it is a great Bible verse because even though it says everything changes, there is one thing that doesn’t change.

Mark 13:31 Jesus said: “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away.”

So kids, the Wiggles will change. You will change. We might come back in 30 years and this building might not even be here. But God never changes, and the words that he speaks never change, and that’s why we should trust him, and that’s why we should trust all his promises.