Friday, 21 March 2008

Lots of new rail links planned

Lots of new light rail links planned for Sydney. An opinion piece on it here. The link to Gladesville would mean a trip to the city would take 11 minutes, far faster than a car in peak hour.

But can the government deliver? I don't trust our state politicians one bit. The current incumbency has the whiff of corruption about it.

At least the proposal for this new system is that it be built and maintained by the private sector.

Below walking and cycling, public transport is my favourite way of getting around. You can get a lot of work and reading done if you get a seat in the right spot.

Taxis are good too. They are multiple times cheaper than buying a second car, which costs hundreds of dollars a week to run when you include depreciation in the cost, which you should.


Murray said...

I'm sure the NSW state government can do it ... but they will probably bulldoze all the roads and footpaths between Gladesville and the city to force people to use it, if past experience is anything to go by.

Pete said...

Past experience would be more like "lets just announce it often enough to hope people think we are doing something about the dreadful state of our public transport system - we do after all have a plan!"

It is almost as shameless as the ads prior to the last state election paid for by the taxpayer that kept saying "there is a plan!"

But then again, I guess all those workchoices ads did the same thing (though they were actually trying to explain actual government legislation).

James R. said...

Iemma hasn't said anything about it being paid for and maintained by the public sector - he's been silent on that completely.

CraigS said...

I would love to see us develop a large underground network, like London...

Murray said...

"a large underground network"

Isn't that a description of who decides to close roads in Sydney to benefit private developers?