Monday, 17 March 2008

Happiness and thankfulness.

A nice article from Jim Packer about happiness. He concludes:

Glum Christians who say they have not much to give thanks for are wrong. Some of the specifics of my experience, narrated above, are no doubt peculiar to me, but I cannot believe that the quality of my experience is in any way special. So I say: Look for the happy surprises, for they will help you to keep expressing proper gratitude to God all your days.

He writes from the storm centre of a controversy in Canada about the blessing of same sex unions, which has seen attempts to suspend him from Anglican ministry. I suppose he has seen far worse, but to write with such joy of God's blessing in the midst of controversy is a great inspiration. Whenever I think I am hard done by, I am going to make more of an effort to think of things to thank God for. There's always something.

I suppose the only instance in the whole of history where the person suffering had nothing to thank God for was Jesus, at the moment of his crucifixion.

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Pete said...

I think there is always much to be greatful for, especially looking to the cross.

We did this new song at church last night (well as new as it can be when it was written in 2004), words included:
"No one is good, no one is righteous in his sight. I need someone to save me." The second verse was just as good, and basically about how we are incapable on our own of changing from being sinful.

The chorus was basically "What a mighty, mighty saviour you are."

It was a great and uplifting song, leading to great thanks to God from a proper understanding of where we stand before God.

It also had a nice catchy tune, and worked well with our "piano band of one".

I'm so glad we have easter, I am looking forward to taking more time to keep reflecting on my God's great love for me.