Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Matthias Media RSS feed

Matthias Media has a regularly updated blog called Couldn't Help Noticing, which I also post to.

It's getting updated and revamped soon. Mike commented a little while back:
Gordon, Great idea. Can you get the people at MM to include the text of the post in the RSS feed. All that exists in the MM posts is a link to the site. I'd much rather read it on my PDA (on the train), and it makes for faster surfing.

Thanks, Mike.

I finally chased this up (sorry for the delay Mike) and discovered that there is an RSS feed with full CHN text, and it's at this link:



RodeoClown said...

I was looking for that feed for a while too, stumbled across it a while back.

Makes things much easier to read on the train if I have the full text...

Timothy Wonil Lee said...

Oh, thank you Mr. Ch... err.. no, Gordon! ;-)