Monday, 10 March 2008

Jereth writes on abortion

One of my friends from Melbourne Uni days, Jereth Kok, has written about the Melbourne Anglican cave-in on abortion; here at the Matthias Media blog.

The Anglicans in Melbourne are in a bad way. Jereth commented in this controversy on the doctrine of atonement (Scroll down a bit). We should pray for the evangelicals in Anglican churches in that city, and thank God also for the Presbyterians in Victoria. Some Baptist friends and Church of Christ people are doing well too.


David Palmer said...

Hi Gordon,

I've come to you in a roundabout way, checking up on Tim Keller's recent book "The Reason for God" and came across your exchange with him.

I hope to be in New York in Sept/Oct and hear him preach. I'll let you know if there's any edge to his preaching.

We found the response of Melbourne Anglicans re the Victorian Government's reference to the Victorian Law Reform Commission on the Decriminalisation of Abortion extremely disappointing.

Apart from having a consultation with the LRC on behalf of the Presbyterian Church I was also part of a joint Christian/Jewish approach which included an Anglican minister so that is something good to report.

Gordon Cheng said...

Thanks, David, that would be terrific to hear a report of Tim Keller.

Good on you for your faithful political work on important issues, too.