Friday, 14 March 2008


We got one for half-price, and I can see why now. It only works half the time. At least it's value for money. When it works, it's also really really noisy, and fills up the kitchen with its noise, as if to say 'Look at me, look at me, you got what you paid for, I'm doing my job!'


Anonymous said...

Is it one of those good ol' ones that whistles extravagantly at you telling you to turn it off before your water vapourises, as opposed to doing the turning off for you?

Gordon Cheng said...

No, it turns itself off. In fact, that's the problem. As well as turning itself off when it stops boiling, it turns itself off when it's just not in the mood, if you take my meaning.

Ruth said...

AB bought one a month or two ago from ALDI for $6 !!!! I could tell instantly that it was cheap - you push the switch up to turn it on...and it doesn't really sit on the base too well....but hey, it's worked for a few months, so I reckon we've got our $6 worth! (and it's still working)