Thursday, 13 March 2008

Another invention—Scrabulous Plus

Scrabulous is a great game for socializing, but once you have more than two players it doesn't work.

One of the problems is that it lasts too long, because you wait interminably for someone to make their move. I don't know how to solve that.

The other problem is that it doesn't last long enough. It finally gets around to your turn again, and already 58 tiles have been laid, 3 bingoes are down, and you've lost no matter what.

The solution to that is to make the board three squares wider right around the perimeter, and then to issue another 30, maybe 40 letter tiles in proportion to the tile distribution that exists in the current Scrabulous.

I call it Scrabulous Plus, you heard it here first, I'm not actually going to follow through with it but when you see it happen, you know that I thought of it right here, right now, and before anyone else.

Believe it...or not!


Emma T said...

The solution to your first problem is to have 10 games going at once. I never have enough time to make 10 moves at once, so whenever I need a break (or in the time I used to watch TV at night) I have plenty of moves to keep myself busy with.

The solution to your second problem is to get better at the game. Also achieved by having lots of games going at once.

Got any other major problems you need solving?

David Palmer said...

Scrabulous triggered an association for a beautiful new word I have for you, courtesy Richard Dawkins - I know you like words.

Scrofulous = morally corrupt.

Gordon Cheng said...

That's a good one, David!