Saturday, 22 March 2008

Roman Catholic World Youth Day

What's it going to cost? It's hard to find out.

If your church happens to use a government school hall to meet in, anywhere in NSW, you won't be allowed to be there on the two Sundays of the week of World Youth Day. It affects three of our congregations at St Paul's Carlingford.


Anonymous said...

That is a tad strange indeed. Is Carlingford going to be a hub of Catholic activity?

My prayers for your congregations.

Mattt said...

That is very strange. I think I'll suggest to Adrian that we run a service in the courtyard outside the hall and invite the WYD 'pilgrims' to attend?!?

David Palmer said...

Couple Sundays, shouldn't be a problem, do as Matt says.

In the meantime lets hope and pray the micks start getting their young people back in church and praying and believing. A church going catholic is got to be better than an atheist or muzzie!