Friday, 14 March 2008

Too much housework

When we have too much housework and not enough time I spend an hour a day fixing the things that bother me most and then I stop. The garbage. The compost. The kitchen. The vacuuming. Our dogs shed enough dog fur that if in any given week the fur was reassembled and given the kiss of life, we would have another dog.


Lucy C said...

I am no 'butterfly theologian'.
But I do have some words of wisdom:
Mars Coat King.
If you use it on your shedding dogs it will change your life.

Laura said...

Ha! A dog-hair golem! Will it obey better than your actual dogs?

Gordon Cheng said...

arf arf—a dog-hair golem. I like that thought. Or maybe I don't!

lucy c, the house needs vacuuming anyway. But I will point your comment out to fifi, whose dogs they are and who works at a vet.