Friday, 28 March 2008


Had a great catch-up today.

John is new to Sydney and ministering in a local Baptist church. The highlight for me was when he suggested we pray at the end of our time. What a wonderful thing it is to come into the presence of our heavenly Father and bring our anxieties, fears, and praises before him.

We spoke about many things. Sydney and Melbourne; England and Australia; Established and Free; Canberra; Family. Cabbages. Kings.

Although I haven't played a proper game of Rugby (League or Union) since about the age of 7, I felt what it means to be calling encouragement across the field to the man running down the wing.

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Jonathan Hunt said...

You DONT want to be encouraging the man, Gordon.

Good grief. He is an enthusiast. If you do that, something might happen. And we Baptists, we don't like things happening, especially when they have not been announced by the church secretary first.