Saturday, 22 March 2008

Taking the Opera out of the Sydney Opera House

A proposal in the SMH.

Quite a good idea.

I'm singing in the Opera House tonight, if I can get past this cough and find my music. I'm about to go and investigate the state of my tuxedo, which has been metaphorically mothballed for ten years. The trouble is, it wasn't actually mothballed, and so may have moth holes in it.

We shall see. It is amazing what a bit of black texta can achieve if there are white bits showing through.

Here is the programme for tonight. It is called 'Easter a la francais', which means it is a fairly Roman Catholic affair for various historical reasons. But being entirely in Latin, you don't have to worry too much about that.


Anonymous said...

You are singing Stabat Mater?; oh, how I wish I could get there.

Seriously: have a wonderful time; I attended the performance of Messiah at St John's Cathedral Parramatta yesterday [one friend worships there and another is the Assistant Chinese Minister there: he taught me Bible Study during my time at Cabramatta Anglican]; sacred music is a blessed thing.

rd said...

Sing your heart out Gordo!