Tuesday, 4 March 2008

An awkward question for Mr Cheng

Someone called me 'Mr Cheng' yesterday, a student at Sydney Uni, and it reinforced in my mind that I got out of student work just in time (namely, before uni students started calling me 'Mr Cheng'). Anyway, this person also found out I have 478 friends on facebook, and asked me whether or not I was a facebook stalker. Which alarmed me, not least because it'd never occurred to me before. But then again, I am pretty confident that the person who asked me was envious, as they only had 450 friends or so.

But there is always room for more! So if you would like to be my facebook friend, join up and send me a request. I will love you as deeply as I love the other 478, as long as you don't send me any facebook applications. And I won't stalk you, unless you're a Barthian.


peter kirsop said...

At least he didnt call you the Rev'd Mr Cheng


Anonymous said...

More power to you if you know the vast majority personally (well, in comparison to having friends who are celebrities that you may be a fan of), Gordo. I'll take you up on your offer.

I don't send Facebook applications, and in fact have a shortcut in my Firefox bookmarks that allows me to cull all requests in one foul swoop. I'll gladly share it if it will help you in your crusade.