Friday, 29 February 2008

Lily Violet leaves home

Neither Fifi or I got teary when our last daughter, Lily Violet, started at school a few weeks ago. It was almost a relief to look forward to a more structured day with larger bits of discretionary time.

But today I got a slightly weepy call from Fifi at the shops, where up until now she had been going with our motor-mouthed Lily Violet and receiving a running commentary on each and every item of shopping and associated activity. Lily Violet, working with the limited vocabulary of a five year old, is usually able to find three things to say about every element of her life. Like a good preacher, she tells you what she is about to say, then she tells you, then she tells you what she just said. It is quite infuriating and one of the most delightful aspects of having her as our daughter.

And now I'm feeling a bit sad too.


hardygreenwood said...

sniff ...

(I'm not even close to being anywhere near the stage of life but this post touched me)

Ruth said...

Me too. I miss my third boy whom just started school - because he sings made up songs to us all day long - and it's just a little quieter without him.