Friday, 15 February 2008

Tears before bedtime

Quite a lot before bedtime, really. Our youngest, Lily Violet, went off to school today with her and my current favourite book, Babar the Elephant, in her bag for 'news time'. Trouble was, she didn't want to take it to school. She knew she had to take something, but it definitely wasn't going to be that, and it wasn't going to be the gymshirt, so when I finally decided for her, she burst into tears.

By the time we got to school she'd calmed down and I carried her in while her two sisters ran off to classes. But now she didn't want to go in. This after two weeks of happily heading in to see all her friends, and telling her mum that she could just drop her at the school gate with her 'stisters'. She clung on to me and burst into tears again. Even the lovely Mrs Wilson couldn't persuade her inside.

Then Carina, from her class, came up, gave her a big hug, and brought her into the room while I ran for the door.

The funny bit about this was that last week when Carina was crying, Lily Violet was next to her and Fifi said "Give her a hug". To which Lily Violet responded "No! I don't want to" and got on with her work.

Photo is Ruby on the left, Lily Violet on the right

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