Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Deep-fried potato scallops

Some people think left-over deep-fried food is cold and soggy, which it is. But if you stick three old potato scallops in the microwave for 33 seconds, like I just did, they make a mighty fine lunch.

My eldest daughter would agree with me on this, or would if I hadn't got to them first.

Update to add: I'm feeling a mite queasy now, but.

Update again to add: Mmm, but I'm feeling pretty good again, and I think will go off to buy some donuts for afternoon tea.


Murray said...

As much as I approve of almost everything "Cheng", I did find your 11, 22, 33-seconds-on-the-microwave idea wonderfully helpful.

Our boy's bottle gets 33 seconds if it's a big 'un, or 22 seconds if it's a littley!

Gordon Cheng said...

Hope he's going fine Murray. Kids are hard work but a delightful blessing from our Lord.

Jean said...

Super-gross, I'm sorry to say. Yes, I'm catching up on my blog reading. And this is the first comment I have ever posted on your blog. And what a meaningful one it is. Feel free to delete it. But I did enjoy writing it. From your Melbourne buddy Jean. ;)

Gordon Cheng said...

Oh hey, Melbourne buddy Jean! No, I won't delete it, I love first-time comments and I hope your first blog commenting experience has been a happy one!