Thursday, 14 February 2008

Fundamentally fundraising.

John Venn, founder of the Church Missionary Society, set out five principles relating to fundraising:
1. Follow God’s leading;
2. Begin on a small scale;
3. Put money in second place because money follows ministry; let prayer, study, and mutual converse precede its collection;
4. Success depends on sending out people of the highest calibre;
5. Depend wholly upon the Spirit of God.

Good one!

Iain Murray says he found this in History of the C.M.S. by Eugene Stock, Vol 1. p 67.


Unknown said...

I count five, Gordon.

Gordon Cheng said...

Thanks sophie, I was looking at the CMS page and thinking 'Pray, Care, Give, Go', which makes four.

I shouldn't try to read 2 things at the same time!

Unknown said...

No dramas! They're good points, and now numbered correctly which makes me happy ::g::

Matthew Moffitt said...

Hey Gordo, shouldn't it be:

* Follow God's leading.
* Put money in second place, not first.
* Begin in a small way.
* Under God, all will depend on the type of people sent out.
* Look for success only from the Spirit of God.

Gordon Cheng said...

MtP, I believe those wicked NSW CMSers have updated the original!! ;-)