Saturday, 23 February 2008

Causes of happiness

Three daughters between the ages of 5 and 10.


Walking up to the shops. And back. And having the handle on one of the three bags break, and not losing any of the contents.

Cheerful people. Speaking of which, we had Greetings on the Green at the school where all three of our girls now go. A band with clarinets and drums, four serious and intent facepainted girls blowing on flutes. Food, wine, friends, and Alan describing the technical details of the operation he'd seen on TV last night, and wondering how a lady in her 70s could lose all her fingers on one hand, but the nailpolish still be intact.

She got the use of her fingers back, but Alan hadn't seen the whole show and we were wondering about the details.

I reckon that lady is pretty happy, well short-term happiness anyway. Oops, sliver of negativity creeping in there. No, she'd have to be happy wouldn't she?

Anyway, lovely late summer evening. And a lovely late summer Saturday stretching out in front of us.

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