Thursday, 7 February 2008

Roman Catholicism

What an idiotic religion.

They teach a view of God that makes their underpants turn brown.

And then they sit there, blinded to the truth that rescues them, and turning to Mary for help. Instead of the Lord Jesus who died on the cross to save them from their sins and the judgement of God.

(And the rest of us as well.)

The day of resurrection will cause you problems. And indeed, anyone who is unprepared to meet not only the dead Jesus hanging on a cross, but the risen Lord of glory.


Timothy Wonil Lee said...


Stephen Murray said...

Gordon, as someone who reads your blog quite regularly and has appreciated many of your articles in the Briefing in the past I was a little taken aback by the tone of this post. I share your concerns about RC and I am very concerned that although they think they might be following the God of the bible they are in fact not and so the day of judgment will be a day that causes them problems. I just wonder whether or not the tone of your post causes more offence than that of the gospel alone. It is certainly a very different tone to that of Ray Galea's in his book which you mentioned in a previous post.

Is my concern undue? Have I missed someting?

In Christ and for his glory.
Stephen Murray

Gordon Cheng said...

Hi Stephen,

actually, it was listening to Ray's talk that sparked the post. Anyway, I have toned it down, which probably leaves other blog readers wondering how fired up it was before I got to it again.

It is not the only thing I'd say about Roman Catholicism of course, but I believe the Roman Catholic magisterium deserves utter condemnation for the way it has misled so many millions over the centuries.

Hmm, I probably just made it worse again, didn't I.

Anonymous said...

So I follow an idiotic religion then?

Thanks Gordo!

Gordon Cheng said...

Henners, thanks for dropping by on this old post.

That was a fun dinner.

Well yes, you do follow an idiotic religion, for the reasons I mentioned and more. So much of it is unsubstantiated yet ingenious speculation; what renders it idiotic is its ultimate inability to cope with the coming judgement of God, while acknowledging that this is precisely what must be dealt with somehow.