Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Sydney bishops not attending Lambeth: supplementary supplementary.

Here in today's SMH Peter Jensen says a bit more.

I think the reasons for non-attendance are the right ones (so that's the answer to your question from 2 posts back, Mike).


michael jensen said...

what a surprise!

Gordon Cheng said...

Surprised by the reasons themselves, JJ? Or surprised that they are good ones?

marion said...

I'm glad Peter had the courage to say what he said.

michael jensen said...

'Surprised' that you endorse them entirely.

Gordon Cheng said...

Sure! I mean what's not to like? I'm sure you or I would've put the argument differently, and all this guff about transgressing Lambeth resolutions is a bit tedious, but when you're the AB I suppose you're obliged to say these things.

Anyway, lie down on the couch and let your thoughts wander Mike. Is there something in your early childhood that explains your difficulties with all this?

Reuben Kincaid said...

A white sports coat
and some pink King-Gees
"bop do wahhhh..."

I'm all dressed up for the
Lambeth Conference??!?!?