Thursday, 7 February 2008


Still a waste of time. It's part of history now, and deserves to be forgotten except for research purposes, bit like smallpox. That was a good disease to kill off, and there are not many left now. Well maybe just a few.

I really quite like the idea of GAFCON, which continues the eminent evangelical tradition of extremely silly names for moderately important things.


Murray said...

Gosh, news flash! Gordon Cheng supports the Sydney Anglican leadership on something controversial ... or is it the other way around?

Gordon Cheng said...

Actually, all the comments I've received on this subject have been predictable. None of them, however, have made any case as to why this is anything less than a development that was a long time in coming, let alone why it shouldn't happen now.

Anonymous said...

I noticed in news today that Uganda has pulled out of Lambeth too, joining Rwanda and Nigeria. Uganda is a pretty big Anglican church, I understand, with supposedly 8 million members.

It would be helpful if someone kept a running scorecard of who's going and not going to Lambeth.