Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Canadian Anglicans

Q. What happens when a liberal diocese in Canada attempts to evict a theologically conservative minister and his congregation from its own church, and replace him and them with a theologically liberal minister who believes in the ordination of practicing homosexuals?

A. Nobody turns up.


Anonymous said...

A reminder to all of us of the value of putting our money into people, rather than buildings!!!

marion said...

Gordon do you know if any Canadians will be attending Lambeth? Or if they'll decide to go GAFCON?

Gordon Cheng said...

Except for a couple of churches the Canadians are liberal or wishy-washy, so they'll be at Lambeth.

Anonymous said...

more than a couple Gordon - see acl.asn.au for more updates - more and more churches are leaving

Anonymous said...

JL Packer is being threatened with suspension from ministry for his church splitting from the canadian diocese!