Thursday, 7 February 2008


One of the things I most appreciated about today's MTS (Ministry Training Strategy) day was Stewart Binns' report on his work amongst Muslims.

They are not hostile people, they are friendly, if you bother to speak to them. Stewart not only bothers to speak to them, he prays for them, and over 20 years has had marvellous conversations and seen many of them come into God's heavenly kingdom, through the Lord Jesus. Why hasn't he been assassinated? Well, most Muslims aren't as crazy as some Australians like to make out. The are lovely, warm people who put our efforts at hospitality to shame.

The religion of Islam is as loopy and ridiculous as Mormonism, but most Muslims realize this in their heart of hearts and are relieved to find someone who will talk to them about truth, but with prayerful compassion.

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One Salient Oversight said...

I've known Stewart for years. He's a great example to us all.