Friday, 15 February 2008

Pray for Canadian Anglicans

Here's a report from Vancouver about St John's, Shaughnessy, which has removed itself from the Diocese of Vancouver over the issue of same-sex blessings. Dave Short, ex Moore College, is the rector there and a very fine and faithful Bible teacher. J.I. Packer is in the congregation.

Thanks Mark C. for pointing out the report to me.


Craig Bennett said...

Wow, that could be a little overwhelming knowing that every time you preach one of the worlds finest scholars is hearing your sermon.

But you are right about praying for Canada Gordon, theres many parishes like this one.

One Salient Oversight said...

I went to Beach Mission with David Short in 1984. I think he did a talk every day. I was 15 at the time so I don't remember much. Min you, I'm 38 now and still don't remember much. What are we talking about?