Thursday, 28 February 2008

Some money thoughts from Martin

Martin Luther talks money:

How should God deal with us? Good days we cannot bear, evil we cannot endure. Gives he riches unto us? then are we proud, so that no man can live by us in peace; nay, we will be carried upon heads and shoulders, and will be adored as gods. Gives he poverty unto us? then are we dismayed, impatient, and murmur against him. Therefore, nothing were better for us, than forthwith to be covered over with the shovel.

Covered over with the shovel. The best fate of all for grumbling sinners.

Table Talk, "Of God's works" LXXIV.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gordon,

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Gordon Cheng said...

Great thought John.

How 'bout next week? could be Monday am. Could be Wednesday. e-mail me at Matthias Media.