Thursday, 14 February 2008

Bus late again

I'd just missed the 8.52 or so I thought, but as I sat waiting for the 9.04 the ladies next to me were complaining that they'd been waiting 10 minutes and so I worked out that it hadn't actually turned up yet. Eventually a bus came at 9.17, according to the imprint on my red travel-ten ticket.

The delay didn't bother me as it gave me a chance to keep reading The Puritan Hope by Iain Murray (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1971), which has some terrific jewels in it, and which I'll do a few posts on both here and at the Matthias Media CHN website.

Oh, by the way, check Tony Payne's excellent post about Psalm 96, and its nyah nyah ni nyah nyah value against foreign nations.

Anyway, when I got to Elizabeth St I realized my bus was accelerating away from the usual stop, so I jumped up over the sandstone retaining wall and cut the corner of Hyde Park to see if I could beat it to the next stop. I was nearly there when I saw that the bus was stopping for passengers. So I slowed down from a back-pack laden run, and made it in time.

When I reached the door I realized that I was the only passenger getting on. The driver had seen me running across the park and stopped just for me.

That's quite nice isn't it! Restores your faith in busly nature.

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/Karen/ said...

Oh what a nice bus driver! I used to have one of those when I was in high school: she would drop me right at my door!