Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Deleting comments

I love doing it, and I find I'm doing it more and more.

Please keep posting though, because there's a ratio thing I'm trying to preserve here, and I need a few people saying seriously dopey things to help preserve it.

If your comment got through, you are doing something right, even though I personally disapprove of it.


Craig Bennett said...

G'day Gordon.

Just thought I would drop in and say G'day for no reason other than to say G'day, and make a dopey post in saying G'day :)

Also I think its sad that you find you have to delete comments. I think people need to learn to disagree with out being disagreeable and make smearing remarks.

Gordon Cheng said...

Woulden worry about it Craig, and see how I didn't even delete yours? ;-)

Some of them are smearing, others are just good friends getting irritated and having a go. But as John Pearce used to say on his right-wing radio show, "...and once again, I've had the last word!"

Irritating as all get out, but somehow I liked it.

Murray said...

So are there a set of guidelines one should follow to get a comment deleted?

Gordon Cheng said...

That's a really interesting question, Muzza, with enormous possibilities for an entertaining response. I will have to think hard.

Victor Addas said...

Being on the other end of such editorial excesses far more often than is necessary, I think I have a fairly good idea, but I think that the post would be deleted.

Gordon Cheng said...

Actually, it would be interesting to start a competition — muzza, victor-david, craig, JJ, and others.

Y'all could make ever more outrageous comments (try me—you'd be surprised what you can get away with) and just keep pushing the line until I delete your comment.

Then you could go back to your own blog and announce that you've won!

Murray said...

invidious swine

Gordon Cheng said...


"Why, you bubble headed booby!"

-Dr Smith on Lost in Space, to Robot.

Craig Bennett said...

I thought i posted last night, but its not here. Then I think I also maybe clicked to another page to early for it to uploaded. Maybe.

Gordon, I think you need to set a prize of one of your books, perhaps the one on encouragement for the winner of this competition. After all I daresay that the winner will be fairly demoralised after being, not only seemingly being ignored, but also being deleted by yours truly.

Gordon Cheng said...

You are a cheeky lad, Craig-o!

Murray said...

"I think you need to set a prize of one of your books, perhaps the one on encouragement for the winner of this competition."

Would the prize of a piece of Gordo's fatuous self-aggrandisement be for the winner, or the loser, of the competition?