Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Reading Romans rightly

Matthias Media, the employer that has me on the longest leash since Theseus put one on the minotaur, have a blog at which I try to post regularly. Up until recently, I've been hammering posts into shape on this blog and then posting the ones I think are especially relevant over on the Matthias Media site, in particular as a part of the Couldn't Help Noticing column.

But plans are afoot, and in just over a month (don't hold us to it, things may change!) Matthias Media is going to launch a bigger brighter blog, with all sorts of interesting contributors. Stay tuned on that one.

And for my part, as of now I will be posting to the Matthias Media site at least once a week, possibly more, with material that doesn't appear anywhere else in the whole of creation.

Here's the first attempt, with an absolute corker of a quote dug up by Iain Murray from his book The Puritan Hope. Under the Holy Spirit, I really believe that the quote uncovers the key to how to read Romans (and in fact the whole Bible) with understanding.


Mike said...

Gordon, Great idea. Can you get the people at MM to include the text of the post in the RSS feed. All that exists in the MM posts is a link to the site. I'd much rather read it on my PDA (on the train), and it makes for faster surfing.

Thanks, Mike.

Bob Chambers said...


Great - thanks for that - a very timely and helpful comment on the reading of Romans.

First study on Monday went well... but only managed the first two questions in the time available!

Will keep you posted.


Mike said...

Any news on this Gordon?


Gordon Cheng said...

Oh hi mike, apparently there is an rss feed with full text, but well hidden.

I'll look it up tomorrow morning and get back to you.

Gordon Cheng said...

Mike, sorry for slow response. Here's the link for the MM feed.