Sunday, 3 February 2008

Sydney bishops not attending Lambeth: supplementary.

I've just had some of the best ideas about how the Sydney Anglican bishops could spend their time if they're not attending Lambeth, and it really wasn't that hard to come up with them. But with all due modesty, these brainwaves are too good to just languish in the comments section of this blog. So here they are in the full glare of the main page, and I'm really looking for some creative thinking out there. These took me about 5 minutes to come up with, so see what you can do folks, and add your own suggestions in the comments section of this post.

27 things the Sydney Anglican bishops would be better off doing rather than going to Lambeth

1. Watching test cricket.

2. Watching 1 day limited-over internationals.

3. Preaching the gospel to a local congregation.

4. Organizing and helping run a gospel outreach in their local churches.

5. Watching 20-20 cricket.

6. Going to the art gallery.

7. Attending a classical music concert.

8. Having a bit of a sleep-in.

9. Spending time with their families.

10. Attending their local churches.

11. Attending GAFCON.

12. Getting haircuts (except Al Stewart*).

13. Getting fit again (except Al Stewart).

14. Praying.

15. Doing a bit of 1-1 evangelism in their local shopping centres.

16. Kicking a few Anglo butts in some of the churches in Muslim areas.

17. Reading Nothing in my hand I bring by Ray Galea (come on you bishops. It's only thin. 2 weeks should be plenty of time to whip through this).

18. Planting a church.

19. Running some evangelistic missions in Newcastle, Melbourne, Perth, or anywhere else where the local bishop is pfaffing around at Lambeth.

20. Catching up on some old episodes of West Wing.

21. Getting celebrity make-overs.

22. Seeing which Syd. bishop is fattest and trying to enter them onto The Biggest Loser.

23. Something social justicey like campaigning about peak oil or threatening to self-immolate outside the Villawood Detention centre.

24. Getting on to facebook and finally figuring it out.

25. That big family holiday to Uluru that they've always been meaning to take.

26. Learning to cook.

27. Making a start on giving up smoking.

Now look, even as I scan my eye down this list I'm thinking of more ideas. But I know you, the gentle reader, can think of more, so away you go and have at it!

<--- *Al ;-)


Anonymous said...

I can't comment. I'm laughing too much. Can't type.

Steeejei said...

28. Figuring out how to use the 'Gilly Retirement' as a sermon illustration for this upcoming Sunday's service...

mark said...

love it!

the only other ones that came to my mind were:

- go to the cricket nets
- organise an intra-diocese cricket tournament!

Jonathan Hunt said...

28. Making plans to leave their apostate denomination.

Oh... did I make a bad? *runs and hides*

Gordon Cheng said...

Figuring out how to use the 'Gilly Retirement' as a sermon illustration for this upcoming Sunday's service...

Our minister's really on the ball (sorry) and this already happened yesterday!

Jonathan said...

Surely doing 1, 2 and 5 in July might actually be better/easier in Lambeth than Sydney?