Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Your opinion please

If your child says they are well enough to go to school, and they seem well, but they have a cough and a sniffly nose, should you send them to school? And if your answer is yes, what about the other kids at school who haven't got a cold?

I had a bit of a cough and a sniffle and went in to work yesterday. Karen is on holidays, so I had the office to myself. No risk of contagion there. And it wasn't a cold that was fatal to my ability to work either, and I'm supposed to be at the office Mondays and
Thursdays unless there's a good reason not to be.

But in a classroom you are surrounded by other kids. Just quietly, I think some of them may have colds too, though I don't know that for sure.

This cold, unless I'm much mistaken, is intense for a couple of days and then fades away, at least for kids.

What to do, what to do?

I've got to think!


Nicole said...

If she's at that really infectious early stage - keep her home! The parents of the other kids in the class will thank you!

Timothy Wonil Lee said...

I was going to say, "send her to school and see what happens. Then, learn from your experience."
But then, I have no experience in raising a child, whatsoever. So, if I were you, I'd listen to nicole, probably.

Simone R. said...

My kids have had runny noses for a month now. Should I have kept them home all that time? Often kids are most infectious before they have any symptoms. I think that life in community means that colds will be spread. I guess home schooling is the other option.

Ian said...

I have no experience, but I'd say keep them at home.

I also would've stayed home if I were you; air-con and other such things don't aid recovery; unless you have a very good reason, rest and recover. But I know that is not an option for everyone.

Michael K said...

Leviticus 14 may be helpful;-)

I ignored my 5 year olds pleas that he was sick and sent him to school yesterday. The school called later saying he was in sick bay. He's at home today bouncing around looking like an ad for healthy living. I think he played us & the teachers.

Anonymous said...

My son is in your daughter's class. If he develops any symptoms within the next few days, I'll know who to blame! Seriously, colds are a part of life and a relatively minor disruption. Infection control is good practice. My mantra is "wash your hands, use your hankie, and, if possible, when sneezing/coughing turn away from others and do it into your sleeve". Temperature or uncharacteristic lethargy = Stay at Home.

The Pook said...

Kids often feel better by lunchtime, even when they really are sick, it doesn't mean they were just exagerrating. I say don't send them off just because it's inconvenient for you to look after them. School is for education, not a baby sitting service or sick bay.

Pookling number two was sick on his class excursion day for the second year running. In the morning they were going to the museum then in the afternoon to hear a talk by Andy Griffiths the childrens author, so he was devastated about missing that. But he was well enough by lunchtime for me to drive him in and meet his class at the bookstore where it was happening. He was happy, and so was the bookstore, after we emerged fifty dollars later with signed copies of several books.