Sunday, 10 August 2008

Broughton Knox writes to his parents

DBK writes:

I would wish never to be addressed as "Dr" on the strength of a DPhil, as these junior doctorates can become a snare to seduce young scholars, especially, from the path of sound learning.

-DBK to parents 9.2.54, Knox Family Papers. Quoted in Cameron p. 124


The Pook said...

DBK had parents??

Anonymous said...

That was a bit cruel of the pook.

Off topic, Gordon, what did you make of the Catholic Protestant debate on several threads over on Anglican Media? I dipped out - too much on.

Looking forward to see you on the 21st

David Palmer

Gordon Cheng said...

Hi David,

By the time we knew him, DBK did have an ancient of days appearance. But I loved his lectures and I loved his passionate intensity for the gospel. Imagining retiring and then going off to start another theological college!

You mean 23rd, right?

Anonymous said...

No, afternoon of 21st in my diary.
Let me know if no longer suitable.

My wife and I met DBK with wife and children (I think) for an after church lunch around 1969/70 - it was at St Peters, Burwood East when Don Howard was Rector (I'm ancient aren't I! However we married young and next week we celebrate 40 yrs of unending bliss)

Anonymous said...

Oops, that last one was me.

David Palmer

Gordon Cheng said...

Oops, my mistake David.

We are not derailed but we will need to make another arrangement, which will still (I think) see you to the airport in time.

Would you mind sending me an e-mail at gcheng AT and we can take it from there.