Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The Japanese had currency printed for Australia

According to this letter in today's Age:

Making money

RE DANIEL Flitton's article ("Redrawing battle lines", Insight, 2/8): The occupation currency printed by the Japanese was not a myth. Until recently I had two notes in my collection and an acquaintance has a number, including some printed for the islands between Japan and Australia.

As regards the "Brisbane line", I am certain that a re-reading of some World War II histories will prove that neither was this a myth, that General Macarthur had it in his strategy of how the war could be won.

Ann Brown, Mount Martha


adam said...

They printed currency (ie shillings in PNG) to trade with the locals.

Pete said...

I wish I had some of that and it was legal. I'm running out of Yen here right now.

If anyone in Australia tells me how expensive life is, I'll tactfully encourage them to spend a week over in Japan to see what expensive really looks like.

Pete said...

But did you know they almost invaded Mongolia? I didn't, until I stayed within a few blocks of a Museum and monument honouring the Russian general who led them to victory.

Imagine a museum commemorating General Macarthur in Sydney or Canberra.

Pete said...

Oh and just in case anyone was reading your blog and wondering how much Yen I have now... well it is less than A$2 (though with the dollar this month that may change).

But I'm not too fussed. After visiting five Mongolian churches the last four weekends tomorrow I should get to visit my own church again! That assumes that all goes well between Seoul (where I am now waiting to fly) and Sydney town.

I am still finding it so incredible to reflect on what God has been doing over in this part of the world. Though it is sad when sin hits you in the face so strongly in some cultures.