Friday, 8 August 2008

Labor fears Costello

So says Hartcher.

The man was the brains behind a strong and growing economy, and is a good debater. So like or loathe, Labor has cause for concern if PC stays.


Anonymous said...

Whatever he does, I hope he doesn't quickly. He doesn't appear to be gaining much support from the Will-He-or-Won't-He game.

Gordon Cheng said...

2 years before the next election campaign, an eternity in politics. He doesn't need to move quickly to get the leadership, and the current questions will be gone and forgotten well before he needs to take decisive action.

The Pook said...

Oh yeah, I just see them quaking in their boots. No wait, they're laughing... You have to be kidding.

Doesn't matter what they do, unless Labor tries to turn us into an anarcho-syndicalist autonomous collective commune (see URL below) which is hardly likely with Elmer Rudd the bean counter running the show, the Coalition haven't a hope of winning the next election no matter who is leader. Nobody likes Costello, except as compared to Nelson, and he hasn't got the bottle for it anyway. Turnbull is their only hope to win the election after next and it is inevitable that eventually he will succeed Nelson and/or Costello. But unless there is a drastic and unforeseen Labor catastrophe, they will be in for at least the next two or three terms. IMO.