Monday, 25 August 2008

Spurgeon and sickness.

Yep, I'm still sick.

So are lots of kids out there; when Fifi dropped the girls at school one class had 7 people in it!

Anyway I spent most of the last four days in bed, or doing survival things, or reading.

I read a biography of Spurgeon.

The man was nuts, in a good way.

I posted about him, here.


The Pook said...

Ah Spurgeon! If not the inventor, then certainly the perfecter of the springboard method of preaching!

John Smuts said...

Maybe if everyone wasn't so sick Quantas would be flying a few more gold medals home?

Britannia rules the waves ... er, well the velodrome anyway :-)

Therese said...

Praying you are much better soon, Gordo! You've got a marriage enrichment weekend to prepare for :P