Sunday, 24 August 2008

Role models

Does sport produce role models? From the Age:

The role-model argument is an obvious furphy. Nary a week goes by without yet another scandal involving an elite athlete - be it drugs, alcohol or violence. As role models, they certainly are poor choices. Athletes, by definition, are obsessive often to the point of being clinically compulsive in their behaviour. They have a disturbing willingness to seriously risk their bodies, and a desire to best all comers, not work co-operatively, but beat and crush their opponents. A singular obsession that excludes the possibility of a balanced life. And the most scary message we get is neatly summed up by a certain giant footwear company slogan from the Atlanta Games in 1996 - "second is first loser".

But surely everyone wants to be like Shane Warne?


Anonymous said...

'But surely everyone wants to be like Shane Warne?'

Featuring such wonderful ditties as: 'What an SMS I'm in'



Ian said...

I couldn't pay the phone bill. :)

Not sure what to say; I do not like to point fingers at others for their choice of role models, but sport, as with most endeavours, doesn't produce infallible and perfect human beings. And very rarely appears to produce much worth emulating, unlike the Saints [one trusts one is not offending your evangelical sensibilities with the capital S :)] who have gone before us -- at least in my eyes.

I suppose the question is why has sport, at least here in the Antipodes, been raised to such a level; and, I wonder, why wasn't I affected? Anyway...ramblings. I'll go now.