Thursday, 14 August 2008

Barack Obama, abortion, and babies born alive

An upsetting report on how Obama's stance on abortion goes well beyond passive acceptance and into something far worse.

(Thanks to Justin Taylor)


RodeoClown said...

Reading that made me feel physically ill.

What an evil man.

nic jameson said...

It's a slippery slope indeed.

Interestingly, I was doing some research at work today and discovered that Marie Stopes, founder of the abortion and sexual health clinics that became Marie Stopes International, was a prominent campaigner in the eugenics movement in the early twentieth century. Not a link that MSI make much note of in any of their materials...

another gordon said...

Just today the Hot Air blog had a piece on Obama's stance on abortion, and it highlighted a little girl who had indeed survived her attempted abortion.

"Baby Sarah survived an abortion. During the attempted abortion, Baby Sarah turned away from the needle. Instead of injecting the lethal drug into Baby Sarah's heart, the drug injected it into the side of her head. This left her alive but blind."

The line between abortion and infanticide seems to be getting harder to define. Does Obama, with his Europhilia, want America to go down the path of Belgium, where "more than half of the Belgian babies who die before they are 12 months old have been killed by deliberate medical intervention"?

At what age does Obama recognise that a live baby has a right to life?

Darren said...

This is alarming. His logic flows backwards. "Abortion must be OK therefore care for premature babies wrong" - truely bizare.

We read about Molech worship in the Bible, indead I saw a site of Molech worship in Carthage Tunisia. Modern people find it facinating that people worshiped a god this way. YET they mis that Molech worship was more humane than what was discribed in this article.

Molech is alive and kicking, but his modern altars are called such things as, "university education"