Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Speaking of not playing well with others


These brokes take joke too far.


Janine I said...

LOR (Laugh Out Roud) Gordon. ;)

rd said...

You Regend!

The Pook said...

is peeper rike you wo' cause unlest!

acs said...

Hi Gordon, Met you over at Andrew Bolt's blog. I love Matthias Media!!!! I have bought several books from them, and receive their email updates. Keep up the good work.
Kind regards,

Gordon Cheng said...

Thanks all. Peeper like me, pook? What about pookle rike you?

Hi acs, yep, I love Matthias Media too! I've been there for five years now, and it's a privilege working for them.

spot_the_dog said...

Evidently, the Spanish Women's Tennis Team thinks it's funny, too.