Saturday, 16 August 2008

I am a fat balding family man.

I am fat.

I am balding.

I have a family.

I am a man.

I am a!

These words thumped through my mind at the rate of a syllable each half second or so, for about 90 minutes this morning.

But I finished the run. I only fell over four times. There is not much in the way of external blood and abrasions, almost no bruising and a complete absence of contusions and lacerations, and the wounds are nicely distributed across various limbs and joints.


The Pook said...

Good onya.

Is it City to Surf time again already? (Is that what you're referring to? Or was it just a private jog?) I always wanted to go in that but never got a round tuit.

I'm balding (God only made a few perfect heads and had to put hair on the rest of them)

I'm a family man

But I'm still working on the fat bit. Although... I did complain to the Pookwife the other day that she needs to change the washing powder because the one we're using now has been shrinking all my trousers...

Gordon Cheng said...

Hey the pook,

City to Surf was last week. No, this was a run through the national park at Bobbin Head, quite rough and tough with quite a few bits that felt near vertical. Still, a lovely day for it. If you click on the link in the post you can see where we went.

The Pook said...

Yes that's a nice place. Been there. But isn't there something a bit ironic about a run called 'GoNatural' where you run along a sealed road??

Gordon Cheng said...

Nah wasn't a sealed road, it was a bush bash. I came much closer to nature than I intended or wanted.

The Pook said...

Cool. It just looks from some of the photos, and the arrows on the map, as though you ran down the road -

Gordon Cheng said...

We did run about 500 m worth of road at beginning and end, it's true. That said, if you were a fat balding family photographer with the job of taking piccies anywhere you wanted to along the course, where would you stand?