Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Got a letter in the SMH

Here. Here's the unedited original:

Dear editor,

Andrew Dalton complains (SMH Letters Aug 18) that images of sexual arousal are considered confronting, suggesting that this is because people think the act itself may be pornographic. But many things are perfectly natural, and we still think they should be kept private. Things like public defecation and urination, nose picking, groin scratching and vomiting come to mind. People may well have no problem with such behaviour, but they recognize it doesn't belong everywhere.

Sex is given by God for the strengthening of relationship. However ubiquitous displays of overt sexuality in public advertising, the internet, and in reading material encourage people to look to somewhere other than their spouse for sexual satisfaction. This is not good, and people are right to protest against it.

Yours etc.,

The letter it's responding to is here.


bec said...

Great letter! Interesting that nobody came out in support of the original letter writer's viewpoint...

David McKay said...

Driving into Sydney for a concert a few days ago, we were bombarded with huge billboards about getting longer-lasting sex.

How long has this assault been going on?

Looks really tacky.

Not a very nice advertisement for Sydney.

The Pook said...

Whaddya mean David? Tacky is Sydney's middle name! It's a most appropriate advertisement for the place! I oughta know, I lived there for 23 years. Why did I take so long to see the light and move to Tassie!?

Yeah good letter Gordon.