Friday, 25 April 2008

World Youth Day

Phillip Jensen on secularism, World Youth Day and why taxpayer funds should support the hosting of it. Well argued.


Anonymous said...

What about the thing, that 2 (or 3?) congregations of St Paul's Carlingford can't have their usual services during WYD, because WYD will use the school buldings in which the congregations meet on sundays? As far as I remember this has been also decreed by the NSW government. Does this also fall under 'hospitality'?


Gordon Cheng said...

That's one piece of hospitality that I wish the landlord hadn't extended!

But to be consistent, I suppose that we shouldn't complain but take advantage of the use of the regular facility to do something hospitable—perhaps invite pilgrims to a sausage sizzle on behalf of the local Protestant church!