Friday, 11 April 2008

Some responses to Richard Lane and Michael Kirby

Yesterday I mentioned Richard Lane's situation; today the letters page of the SMH was full of correspondence about it. Here are the letters supporting Richard:

Justice Kirby claims my colleague has turned a blind eye to the "central loving message of Jesus of the gospels". Christ speaks of forgiveness but also commands us to repent. Sometimes I find it hard to hear, but I still appreciate those who gently but firmly point out my own, very real sins.

The Reverend Sandy Grant, Wollongong

Herod did not appreciate John the Baptist calling him to repent of his sexual immorality either. Could the Herald's treatment of Richard Lane be the modern-day equivalent of seeing John's head on the plate?

Andrew Mitchell, Gladesville

Richard Lane deserves praise and not condemnation for pointing out the inconsistency between Christian teaching and homosexuality. The current popularity of a sin does not make it right, no matter how distinguished the person. If God is going to judge all of us because of our sin, then we should be thankful to anyone who risks public crucifixion by warning us about this truth, even if we do not want to hear it.

The Reverend Gordon Cheng, Kingsford

If Michael Kirby was in the surf and Richard Lane saw a shark approaching, would we not expect Lane to sound a warning?

Lucy Chik, Faulconbridge

Unsurprisingly, the letters against Richard were for the most part full of abusive, angry and sarcastic language, demonstrating better than anything else that those who call for tolerance have little understanding of its true meaning (that is, to put up with something even if you don't necessarily like it or agree with it).

A good reminder to keep praying. In the meantime, another friend got a letter in on another subject:

What is the point of an Olympic torch relay where the torch is hidden from the international community and the international community is hidden from the host nation?

Sophie Kunze, Penrith

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Anonymous said...

I was very pleased to see the Lane-supporting comments in the letters today.
Thanks for speaking up, Gordon!