Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Google and abortion

Those who use Google as a search engine may be interested to know that they won't accept anti-abortion or 'religious' advertisements, but will accept advertisements for sites that attack Christianity. See report here.

From the report

The Christian Institute, a "non-denominational Christian charity", wanted to pay Google so that whenever the word "abortion" was typed into the popular search engine, its link would appear on the side of the screen.

The link would have read: "UK abortion law - news and views on abortion from the Christian Institute."

The Christian Institute is currently mounting legal action against Google over this policy.

There are alternative search engines you can use if you don't like Google's policy, such as Yahoo.

The Christian Institute website that Google won't advertise is here. The look like a mighty fine organization, and I notice that at the top of their links page is a link to Reform (who really could do with a website tidy-up) and an excellent Spurgeon website.


Ben said...

That is mental. Sounds like the sort of thing that some bloke decided, based on his distorted sense of ethics, rather than a deliberate company policy.

The Shtes! said...

Hmm... I'm not sure what to make of that since 'Google Ads' (which feature on some of my blogs) does advertise pro-Christian websites (for instance 'Sovereign Grace Ministries' featured for some time on one of my blogs).

marion said...

And remember when Google censored what people in China could do searches for?