Thursday, 24 April 2008

Kevin Rudd...the man; the mystery

Miranda Devine believes she's cracked it:

Brainstorming is supposed to be chaotic and competitive. But facilitators nip it in the bud, in favour of "capturing" slogans and pinning them to a whiteboard. Once that is done, participants are expected to vote, or in the unfortunate case of the productivity group, walk around with a piece of paper held up to their head.

But in a blinding flash the weekend did provide the key to the enigma that is Kevin Rudd. He is the quintessential management boffin, a career bureaucrat who talks "performance benchmarks" and promises to sack ministers who fall short. His speeches are full of the feel-good platitudes, pop psychology and symbolism of modern management gurus, who brought us such glowing corporate entities as Enron, "the smartest guys in the room".

"The quintessential management boffin". A theory worth revisiting.

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