Thursday, 3 April 2008

More work

Another unplanned interruption!

The brain is whirring. I've got to think ! ...

I read a sci-fi story one time called Flowers for Algernon in which a man with an IQ of 60 went in for a psych experiment, did whatever treatment they were offering and his IQ zoomed up to 200. He wrote a research paper explaining everything that had gone on. Then the effect slowly wore away until he eventually went back to the limitations of his previous existence.

I've peaked a bit lower than that, but the tide is definitely receding about now.


Laura said...

It was made into a play called Flowers for Algernon, I believe. I read it in junior high. Heartbreaking.

Gordon Cheng said...

Ah, that's it! Flowers for Algernon.

Thanks Laura, will fix the title in the post.