Thursday, 3 April 2008

Middle daughter turns 7

Our darling Ruby turns 7 today. A bit later we will all gather in the parental bedroom, sing happy birthday and have presents. Grandpa will come tonight. Noodles for dinner.

Ruby is in year one and is writing little essays. We had 3-way parent-teacher interviews with teacher, child and us talking for about 10 minutes about child's progress. So with 3 daughters it went interview-wait (I worked on my laptop inbetween, things are majorly busy)-interview-gym (while I walk home) - swim (I take 2 girls) - interview.

The teacher showed me Ruby's essay from Tuesday, a nearly 2 page pencilled description of our trip to Berrima for Gran's birthday. It took a "verey verey verey verey" long time to get there (those four 'vereys' took up most of one line). She talked about visiting the lolly shop in Berrima and buying chocolate.

Fifi knows all this already because she helps with reading on Tuesday mornings.

The ages 5-10, which all our girls are now, is a delightful time of life. Although I regularly tell our eldest that she was supposed to stay the same forever, I am thankful to God for all their lives at every age.

In other news, I think everyone is coming down with colds.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Cool, Gordon.

Our eldest daughter (child 2 of 4)turned an elegant 8 today. She is a beautiful blessing, so grown up suddenly!

"I am thankful to God for all their lives at every age." That's the thing, isn't it? To not wish for some stage (even when they are in nappies) to be over but to deliberately relish it while it lasts!

Sorry to hear about the colds. I think we are in for a cold winter this year.