Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Here's a video of Kel Richards interviewing Phillip Jensen on the subject.

The debate is often cast in terms of women's rights. But there are times when women's rights are the exact opposite of what is going on. When the husband demands and insists that the wife has an abortion. When the child is aborted because she is female.

Phillip is an interesting and compelling interview subject, and well worth listening to on this topic. One of the best things about this particular interview is the reassurance, spoken of from about the 20 minute mark, of the forgiveness that is available for all things through the blood of Jesus Christ. It is a compassionate interview, and that is a rare thing in the public debate.

One of the great fears to be faced is the fear of condemnation not just by others, but by God himself. One of the best parts of the interview is how Phillip explains in practical terms how to deal with that fear when you visit a local church.

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