Monday, 21 April 2008

American spellcheckers

Blogger has an automatic spellchecker which is not that useful to me. 'Spellchecker' is fair enough, I would have thought (and so does Bill Gates), but not according to blogger's automatic spell checker.

Also, its creeping US imperialism annoys me.

Behaviour. Behaviour. Behaviour.

Got it?

And programme.


RodeoClown said...

If you use Firefox, you can download an Australian dictionary for it, which is pretty handy.

I hate when they take 'U' from me (heh - sounds corny)!

There is a programme, but there is also program. I write computer programs, but I watch a programme on TV (but not often).

We had a guy at work change all the spellings of 'dialog' to 'dialogue', which was pretty funny (and wrong in this instance).

David McKay said...

Can't see the need to Frenchify "program," whether it is a computer program, TV program or concert program.

/Karen/ said...

Hmm, I differ with both you and the MM house style guide in my preference for “program”. But then I was born in North America ...