Thursday, 3 April 2008

Nazis—a balancing view

I mean, they did a lot of bad things, and I'm no great supporter of eugenics. But postcodes! How convenient is that.


Anonymous said...

Gordon, after this post, you'll never get a visa for Germany. It's just not allowed to say anything go.. , oops, balanced about the Nazis. E.g., if you make the fault to praise the efficient net of German motorways (which goes back to Nazi time), somebody will immediately tell you that it has originally been set up for the quicker movement of Hitler's army (which is partly true) - and you can be thrown out of TV shows, which has happened recently. Live! I wonder what the militaristic intention behind the postcodes was ... ;o) (btw, is this really a Nazi invention?)


TCL said...

Lol.. the germans wouldnt like me then. Though I understand that its still ok for a non german to praise things like the motorways and so forth, as long as no direct reference to the nazi's is made. If a german does it though then it seems a different kettle of fish.

Yes the Nazi's put in postcodes to civillian life. It was - like the motorways - intended to make things more efficient, less time wasted and better organised... all things which though always strong in pre-nazi times, became near-holy values among the military and hence society at the time.

nb: I don't particularly like Godwins law anyway, but people should remember it doesnt even apply when the actual topic under consideration is Hitler and/or the Nazis themselves... And if you dont know whqat Godwins law is, go look up wikipedia.